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How and Why am I joining fiverr?


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A year ago, one of my buddy purchased a gig from fiverr and made me a birthday greeting video. It was less than a minute birthday song with a topless, toothless guy holding a casino chip singing for me. It was creepy yet creative. I asked him how did he manage to find a guy from USA to do that video for him. He told me about this website. Since then, I am a member of fiverr. Various entertainment and professional skills can be found here with affordable $5 price. I am amazed with how this web works. But I was unable to spend more time on this website to explore more. Now, I just launched my first local men’s clothing store in a mall. It’s a long working hours as mall operate from 10am till 9pm, but owning the shop allows me to have more time to spend online. Today, suddenly an idea just popped up in my mind when I was looking at fiverr website again. I tried to browse and search about handling people’s problem in writing. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people offering to help solving math problems, website, assignments, homework, but solving human’s problems ? None. I was thinking what if someone out there wants to share something with people they are not familiar with so that they won’t be judge? Sometimes it happens to me. There are things that I want to share with people I know but I’m scared that they will judge me. Sometimes I wish there are real human being who will share my problems without judging, he/she can be a good listener, if he/she could give me an advice then that would be better! All this while, the only place I run to whenever I have things to tell, it would be my diary. Writing can relieve my stress but it won’t help me solve my problems because they don’t talk. Thus, this give me the idea to start a gig on fiverr. I really hope I can be any of help to anyone who need a pair of ear to listen to, and to respond them and encourage them in a positive way. Most probably I will offer to help you by lending my ears, answers to your problems, and great stories to help you move on to a better life.

Most weekdays, I would spend time writing my own blog (my own diary) about everything happened in my life. My life goals, my desired lifestyle, my relationship, my friends, my family, my inspiration, my thoughts are all included in my personal wordpress. It’s just that I never share it out that much. I always want to live a meaningful life by helping people in needs. And I see a chance here. I hope that my gig will somehow become useful to anyone who happen to read this. I am looking forward to hear from you and learn more from other fiverr’s members. 🙂

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