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Gig Spamming, a BIG NO NO!

Guest jdadvertising

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Guest jdadvertising

It has come to my observation, that there are some sellers, who take it upon themselves to place a link to their gig(s)

in a forum discussion that is totally irrelevant to what they have posted.

This my friends, is NOT accepted whatsoever.

Now if the Discussion has been posted by someone willing to help you better your gig, then there is no harm there.

But be mindful that there is a My Fiverr Gigs Category where you can post things of the sort at your pleasing.

If you are new and would like some help in better marketing your gig to obtain buyers,

Go to this discussion :

You can even create a discussion simply about your gig. But don’t piggy back on anyone else’s discussion because you see the many views.

When you market your gigs properly, sales will come. worry not 🙂



Any comments feel free to make them 🙂

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