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Get recurring Buyers - Tips


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Hello friends,

just wanted to share some points that may get your buyers buy again and again from you. (as per my experience)

  1. Over deliver your service

    Buyers always look for 100% ROI, so try give them more than 100% ROI. Always try to deliver something extra. Make sure they have a excellent buying experience with you.

  2. FREE advice works

    Its not that people who are inquiring about something other than your service are not prospective buyers. Even if you come across people who are looking for something different, try to guide them. This will build a trust factor in them and in future they may give your service top preference over others (if they need the same service you are offering) .

  3. Try to offer something on next purchase

    Just like how it works in shopping malls, try to offer them something extra on next purchase. For example, if you provide logo design service (1 logo per order) , while delivering your order you can tell them for next order you place you will provide two logos instead of one 🙂

  4. Make sure they are aware of all the services you are offering on fiverr

    Many times it happens that your buyers are looking for something you offer but they are unaware of the fact that you offer that service as well. So you can make sure they know what other services you are providing.

  5. Build a long term relationship

    Admire them, praise about there website, product or their business. Also try to know more about their business, process cycle and if needed give them free guidance.

    Good luck 🙂
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