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Buyer's feedback now shows up on their profile!


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I thought I’d share the good news as I know so many Sellers, like myself, had asked Fiverr repeatedly to display Seller’s feedback on a Buyers profile the same way Sellers are displayed and it finally happened! 😃

Backstory: I had received an order from a Buyer who was requesting work that I do not advertise and was also a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. When situations like this arise, I also try to research the buyer a bit – often times the Buyer has been a Seller in the past and just has a very poor rating and no Gigs listed. Well, I went to their profile page and seen a long list of Seller’s feedback about the Buyer!

I have below an example feedback list from one of my repeat Buyers (other Sellers names blacked out) to show how Seller’s feedback is displayed on the Buyer’s page:

This is extremely helpful (and as a Seller makes me more comfortable) when it comes to working with Buyers and rating them accordingly. As you can see, my old feedback was just a simple ‘thank you’ but knowing that feedback is now being displayed on a Buyers page, I will provide more adequate and detailed feedback of the Buyer for better improving the Buying and Selling experience here on Fiverr.

Questions for Sellers:

What do you think about Seller’s feedback now showing up on the Buyer’s profile page?

How will this improve things for you a Seller or the community as a whole?

Will this change the way you rate or provide feedback about your buyers, and how so?

I want to know what you think! Please let me know in the comments below. 🙂

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