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A suggestion on how to get control over your orders

Guest klotzi

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Hey community and fiverr-team,

Most recently, I noticed that I have trouble “controlling” the amount of orders that I get, which is quite an annoyance.

We sellers have the obligation to deliver in a given time frame (sure, there is no penalty for a delay except the fact that a buyer can cancel his order 24 hours after the initial deadline has passed), but we do not have any control over the amount of orders.

It goes a bit deeper than this. Let’s look at my standard gig - I offer a translation of 500 words in 2 days. I explicitly state that anyone who needs a translation over 1000 words should contact me beforehand, which is rarely done. People can just go ahead and order up to 7500 (!) words for translation (Gig multiple x 15), but this doesn’t change ANYTHING about the time frame that I have to complete the order.

Taking this into account, I sometimes have days where I have to finish a multitude of orders, which can be really stressful.

Now, the only solution that I have when i’m actually “overbooked”, as fiverr calls it, would be either the Vacation Mode (which is only available for 28 days!) or deactivating my gig.

I thoroughly understand why fiverr limits the vacation mode to 28 days - If you have so many gigs that your Vacation Days are used up and you’re still overbooked, you’re forced to deactivate your gig, resulting in not showing up anymore in the search results and giving other sellers the opportunity to show off their gigs and get orders.

My suggestion to get a better hold of orders would be the following addition (Looking at you, fiverr!)

  • Make sure that the delivery time is only valid for a SINGLE gig order. Every gig multiple adds the delivery time of 1 gig.

  • Please, please, please give us the option to set an “Active Order Limit” which enables us to limit our currently active orders to, let’s say, 5 or 10. If our “Active Order Limit” is reached, buyers interested in our gig can either place their order in a queue (in which the order moves up / becomes active as soon as one of the active orders was delivered) or have the option to purchase a similar gig from a different seller (offering other sellers the opportunity to gain a client). This would be beneficial for all sellers.

    Feel free to comment and add your suggestions to improve this system.


    ~ Daniel

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klotzi said: (sure, there is no penalty for a delay except the fact that a buyer can cancel his order 24 hours after the initial deadline has passed)


I believe that late deliveries damage your search ranking; especially consistently late deliveries.


klotzi said: (which is only available for 28 days!)


This has recently been increased to sixty days.

I like your initiative, but I don't think that throttling our queue is the answer. I'd like a feature that allows us to set "dynamic" delivery times. I.e. every order received automatically increases the gig's turnaround time by 1 day (or however you decide).



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I was having a similar problem and ended up solving it by extending my deadline from 3 days to 7. It has helped IMMENSELY, and I haven’t had one customer complain. I often still get jobs done in 3-4 days but I can relax a lot more knowing that my timeline is extended so that I won’t have late orders. I was afraid to do this for fear of losing clients, but in the end I feel like I’ve gotten even higher quality (read: more expensive) orders since making this change two weeks ago. I still have a lot of orders in my queue and I’m not freaking out about getting them all done in 2 days.

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I would support any feature that would make it possible to compete with sellers who offer who offer 1-3 day services. Most of the time my delivery times have been pretty fast and my actual average might me close to 24 hours. Yet as im aware that while i have 0 orders today i might be back to having 5 tomorrow my ethics wouldn’t allow me to set my delivery times to anything less than 7 days.

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