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How are we Sellers protected?


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Hi there,

I opened this thread to post my problem, that I believe is very common for many users, and hope we can all find a solution for this type of situation.

What happened?

Back on 13th of December, 2014 , this person ordered my gig package for graphic work. He wanted original files in the same price - I agreed to give him the PSD files for free.

After the first design was made, he was happy with the work except small modification that I made and he marked the order as completed. Week later he had a change of heart, and didn’t like the design so he requested different design for each item of the package (6) for the price he paid. After small argument and frustration, to give best service to a customer I agreed to make the changes for free. Changes made he wanted new models and provide me with images - Ok. Week later he wanted to change the slogan of his logo (not my project) again… Ok.

He left a 5 star review with “went above and beyond A++” blah blah comment. Phew!

On 7th January, 2015 , he dropped me a message of how he didn’t like his own choice of model and attached new model (note all of these need background removal that I do for free) I explained that he will have to pay, but after a chatter I said ok last time. Did the change. On 9th he requested the model to be shrinked for 5% (on a 200px height header), so I said no more work for free. Yesterday he asked the PSD file and how to use it. I explained all layers and folders and gave him the PSD. so he can get off my case…

But instead a thank you - I got a DISPUTE from CS and they took the funds from my balance. Seriously? He paid only 30% from the actual work I would do regularly for a standard price and than Fiverr gave all the money back to him.

SO , I am asking, if all the buyers do this - Where is my protection?

Or I will just work for free and smile about it?

Any thoughts how to handle this situation?

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