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Significant Decrease on Orders Since December 2014


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Hi, is there anyone here who are already level 2 or top rated sellers who experience significant decrease in the orders since December?

I had and didn’t know what was going on until last night I read the discussion on Fiverr’s Linkedin Group for sellers. There are many sellers who already have a quite steady number of orders (as they already been in Fiverr for a few years and most of them are top rated sellers and level 2 sellers), but since December had a great decrease on orders they get.

This is because when customers open Fiverr, they now see the “Recommended” category instead of the “High Rating” category. But what is needed to be fixed is, when people open the “High Rating” category, the list of sellers / gigs shown there is not on sequence based on ratings, but random gigs (gigs without any rating, gigs with few ratings, all in random). I’ve reported this to Fiverr CS and hopefully they can fix it a.s.a.p.

Is there anyone here who experience the same thing?

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