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10 Tips for Getting Started on Fiverr


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I love Fiverr, and because I’m grateful for the opportunity Fiverr has provided to increase my income and pay for things I otherwise couldn’t have afforded, I want to share some tips to help others succeed here. So if someone sat with me in a cafe and wanted advice on how to start on Fiverr, here’s what I’d tell them.

  1. Make a list of talents you possess and what you’re good at doing. Brainstorm. It can be anything. Are you good at proofreading? Are you bi-lingual? Do you have a good voice for voiceovers? Are you good on camera? Can you design logos? Are you good at doing research? Are you good at crafts? Etc.

  2. Convert those talents into a service. Let’s assume you’re bi-lingual and can speak French and English. Maybe you can be a translator. Maybe you can offer s***e interpreter services. Maybe you can do French or English voiceovers.

  3. Go to Fiver and search for sellers who offer similar services to what you’re thinking about. Take notes on what they offer for $5. What extras do they provide? What other services do they provide? Don’t be afraid of competition. Embrace it! Why? Because it means there’s a great demand for the service. Still, ask yourself what value-added service you can provide that no one else (or only a few others) can provide.

  4. Next, take action and get your Gig out there!

  5. Promote your service by joining message boards and Facebook and LinkedIn groups where potential customers communicate. Offer valuable insight and content to the discussion, but don’t spam the board. Make certain you have a link to your Gig in your signature, and when appropriate, you can mention you’re a seller on Fiverr. But again, don’t spam; otherwise you’ll likely get banned.

  6. Be patient! Fiverr is a HUGE marketplace so it may take a few weeks to get your first sale. Yes…a few weeks. But after your first sale, you’ll build momentum.

  7. Constantly look for ways to improve and add value to your Gig. Maybe it’s improving your Fiverr sales video or the copy in your Gig description. After I started gaining momentum, for example, I went out and purchased new equipment so my Gig would rival professional spokesperson services.

  8. Think about how to target the right audience. For example, I took my core service and thought about how I could expand it to hit a variety of small business needs. For example, my “I will be your video spokesperson” Gig is me presenting a 40 to 50-word script for $5 in front of a white background. But I also created a “I will create a spokesperson content marketing video” Gig. It’s essentially the same as my spokesperson Gig, but it’s tailored to those businesses looking for content marketing videos (i.e. videos that are more instructional than promotional). This way, if someone is searching for “content marketing videos” I have a better shot at showing up in the Fiverr results than my spokesperson Gig. For the translation Gig example, you could create a simple “I will translate your 50-word English document to French for $5” Gig, but then you could also create a new Gig that’s called “I will translate your 50-word business contract from English to French for $5.” It’s all about figuring out what target groups need your services.

  9. Be friendly and kind. People want to do business with people they like. Be likable and friendly. Be responsive to your buyers and serve their needs.

  10. Above all, provide a valuable service that is the best quality you can provide. I’ve bought from Fiverr sellers who deliver an amazing product or service. Will I use them again? Most definitely! So strive to deliver a quality service that meets or exceeds your customers’ needs.

    I hope this helps…feel free to ask questions…I’ll help if I can 🙂

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Thanks Ron for these awesome tips. I have only been on Fiverr for over a month and just got my first sale (working it as we speak). The forum has been a great help as I am learning a lot. Patience and hard work will prevail. Cheers!

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