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New Revenue Page Tools: Export & Filter Options


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In the export file there should be buyer name on each row, so we sellers can group infos and perform advanced analysis…

More: $ sign must be removed from CSV or mathematical functions won’t work (eg on Excel).

That said, thank you for this new feature as it’s really really useful for us!!

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Just a quick FYI… I had mixed results with this feature. I did an account audit to see if I could determine:

  • If I was paid for everything
  • What the payment time period “really” is

    Turns out, I was indeed paid for everything, and the timing is (for the most part), was very close to the 10 calendar days after the order is closed. That was awesome.

    The bad news was, there were orders that showed in December and February for which there was no record of payment. CS told me that everything cleared just fine, and I have no reason to doubt them, but it really made the paper trail pretty useless for me. I was even told that due to some kind of an upgrade that my March numbers might be off too. So just be careful when using this data. It can be helpful, but not for audit purposes… at least not yet. And if you are using for taxes, be extra careful and compare order openings to closings to make sure your numbers are accurate. If you count just the paid orders, you are likely going to miss revenue.
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