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Fiverr's invoicing - Fiverr Staff Please READ!


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I was really happy when I heard that Fiverr will send invoice about our monthly purchases until I received my first invoice today.

First of all, the invoice doesn’t have my company’s name on it, only my username. I’m sure you can understand when my accountant will look at this invoice and he will say WTF. Right know, your invoice is completely useless.

Second, the description of the purchase only includes the following: "Purchase from the website"

What is this? My tax office have to see what it is exactly that I purchased here! I’m sure it is the same in most countries.

So here are my suggestions:

  1. Please make sure that the company name on the invoice is the same as we provide in the Billing Information in our Account settings.

  2. Please display the actual name of the purchased gig(s) in the description part of the invoice. Otherwise no one will know what I purchased from your website. It would also be helpful if you could include the order ID of each ordered gigs.

  3. It is a long shot, but it would make everyone’s life easier if we could automatically generate the invoice after each purchase. In my country for example there are very strict deadlines, and it gives our accountants a headache when I receive an invoice after 6 weeks from the purchase.

    I hope you’ll take these suggestions into consideration.

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