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SEO GIG's Success: Transparency is the Key


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Please describe your SEO-GIGs as true, clear and detailed as possible. As a buyer I can tell you, that with the many SEO gigs you just want to know what you exactly are going to receive. You as a seller will win many more clients if you just tell us what you are going to provide and what kind of service it is. Tell us for example:

  • software
  • technique
  • classification
  • example
  • extras
  • your true skills

    It is absolutely no problem if you are using your preferred and proven software like market samurai or the like to manage such a gig. Just be honest with it. Many people will be happy if you do use such software and just take away the time, money and effort they would have to spend with it to achieve same results you do as an experienced & equipped SEO guy. Transparency is the key here!

    All the best on fiverr.
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