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Seller requested cancellation.. then screwed me after i agreed


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I had a seller request cancellation after I was semi unhappy with my order. He delivered work that was somewhat poor relating to ratings on a site that were left with accounts that were obvious spam accounts (same picture… names that were random letters… and so on). Rather then helping something like that hurts because people see the spam accounts rating you.

I left what i thought was a very generous rating of 3 and 1/2 stars, stating the issues but that he was prompt with delivery and did provide the service requested. He promptly requested a cancellation of the order, I assume to remove the feedback and keep himself rated high. I agreed because I was not happy with the work.

He then promptly changed all the ratings he had done on the other site to 1 star ratings, effectively screwing me over. Is there a way to report sellers like this who are disreputable and get them punished? Since the order was canceled you cant leave more feedback.

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