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Highlight Processing Fee for Customers

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I’ve just learned via a dear customer that you’ve applied some sort of $0.5 processing fee for all the Gigs and a $100 order was charged with additional $5. It would be good if you would highlight this somewhere and would tell this to the clients, because right now this appears as a hidden fee, which is pretty illegal by the way, and its very frustrating to tell to the dear client that ooops, sorry, but Fiverr is making hidden chargers.

So either A, suspend this processing fee, or B, at least highlight it near the Gigs, so it won’t be a surprise for the dear customer at checkout or after that.

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Yes I would like to share my disgruntled experience with these “hidden fee”, and also the potential “false promotions”…

I am a marketer, an active buyer - an average of 4 gigs a week. At first, I thought it was very odd that they decided to add the processing fee during December (without prior warning or notices during the transaction). Certainly a case of “hidden charges”. I can imagine the fee rubs a lot of buyers the wrong way, especially at higher priced gigs!!

Right now I am having difficult times with redeeming my “credit” bonus I earned through their promotions. And it’s impossible to find literature or information on how to redeem, other than information that ppl are having troubles about the expiry on the “credit”. After my hours of trying to resolve this and search for help and answers I found nothing. It’s almost as though Fiverr doesn’t want us to redeem the credit.

So upon uncovering the troubles with “hidden fees” and the “barricade”, it shows Fiverr’s lack-of transparency… Unfortunately I am sensing that there is potential foul play behind the curtains… Or is this just a case of “you get what you pay for” dilemma? It’s too bad - Fiverr is such an opportunistic community. The $5 concept really works at persuading people to give it a try (at minimal risk). Until things change, my trust for this system has diminished.

In the mean time, I will do best with what we got and adjust accordingly.

If you have any suggestions as to where I can find answers about redeeming my credits it would be really appreciated, since I have nothing. Best of luck to both your businesses!



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