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Levels Update: More Tools & More Transparency


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Guest newyorksocial

As a NEW MEMBER, I can publish 7 Gigs.

For Level 1 Sellers, how many gigs can I publish?

For level 2?


Thank you!

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Reply to @yourhighness: Hi Sean! I love your voice and I definitely think that you’re a great TRS candidate. We’ve been on Fiverr for about a year and a half and we were moved to TRS in just under a year. I know that Fiverr moderators only grant the title of TRS after careful consideration and I’m still wondering what the most important criteria are. One thing that I’ve noticed is quite common among Top-Rated Sellers (Especially in the Audio & Video media categories), is that they present themselves audibly and visibly. If you look at your competition in the voice-over category, you’ll notice that the 2 Top-Rated sellers that appear first, are presenting their gigs on camera (One of them only shows his mouth, but I believe that’s because of actor union rules).

You might ask, “I’m offering voice-over! Why would I need to show myself and present the gig on camera?!” Personally, I like to see who I’m buying from.

My point is that it can’t hurt to make a video of you presenting the gig. And who knows… It could be the little bit you need to make that Top-Rated Seller title! 😃

-Tim @ Easy Media

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