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Always Establish A High Level Of Communication Before Ordering

Guest perfectgigger

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Guest perfectgigger

I’ve been on Fiverr for a considerable time now and I’ve only recently decided to offer great gigs to BUYERS here on Fiverr.

From my time spent as predominantly a buyer I was always more eager to work with SELLERS who established a high level of communication before I clicked the order button.

My first step of being a SELLER here on Fiver was to take all the best experiences I received as a BUYER and integrate them into my strategy as a SELLER.

I have some tips that I’ve been using so far and it leaves my BUYERS very happy.

  1. Communicate - I answer every question as quickly as possible as clear as possible no matter how irrelevant it may sound.
  2. Bonuses - I give surprise bonuses to BUYERS to make sure they are not only satisfied but will consider returning to order my gigs again in the future.
  3. Value - Some sellers tend to not spend too much time answering questions because they feel that their time is better spent than answering loads of questions for a $5 gig and this is wrong, each and every person should receive the very best value from their $5 order every time.
  4. Disappearing act - the one thing that annoyed me was when a SELLER would answer my questions in a timely manner up until I ordered their gig, then they almost disappeared and communication was a lot of effort. Don’t disappear!

    This list is what I learned from being a BUYER and I’m now trying to become an awesome SELLER.
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