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Has anyone quit their job to just do Fiverr work?

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I used to hear that fiverr jobs is enough for one to work full time,

after much consideration,i decided to join fiverr and start working there,

i render logo design services and photoshops edit,

i have 10 years experience doing this.

i joined 21 days ago,but it seems fiverr earnings is very low to what i expected ,

can you imagine ;i earned just $80 in 21 days(very low )

i dont know what to do so i can speed up the rate at which orders scoop,

that is why i decided to post it here so i can get help from the masters,

kindly check my profile and gigs,and tell me what am doing wrong thanks


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I started Fiverr in May 2014. It took off quite well and grew to the point that I quit my part time job the end of August. It continued to grow and do well until last November and December when my gigs dropped to one third of what they were in October. I have been trying to figure out why with no success. I have a 99% rating and get great feed back from my customers so I don’t know what the deal is. If you figure it out let me know. I would also like to know why certain people get featured by Fiverr and other don’t.

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I did join fiverr in a time of disperation. Couldnt find a job here around where i live, only stages of people who want to squeeze your brain for free or for the time to subentry the vacation of someone else.

Ive said myself i’d could try here, get a chance.

Now i’m here only from few months, fiverr is my only job and I’m making a lot of experience and i’m thankfull to this site.

It doesn’t pay as a regular job, everyone here’s looking for a discount service, they want the max spending the min… But our job is to be always the top.

and now fiverr is my job, i do earn more than in a parttime job, i can manage my work from home, sometimes i get interesting deals, sometimes i only get frustrated from ignorance, but it is a choice and i think if you want to make fiverr your first incoming, you have only to work hard, get all the experiences, and always fee proud to give the best of you here.

Living with fiverr’s earnings is possible, but you must trust in your job and let it be the cleanest and pure as possible…

Sorry about my bad english, i’m trying to get better even with that =D

Good luck

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That’s better than me. It took me 4 weeks and 75 scammer messages before I made my first order worth $28. But, I imagine the longer you’re here, the more of a career you can make out of it. Scammers tend to target newbies. After awhile, you won’t be a newbie. The more stars and reviews you get, I imagine the more Fiverr will show your gigs, therefore, increasing the number of sales you’ll eventually get. I do hear of people making a lot of money on Fiverr and I see the possibilities. As a no level seller, you can charge up to $995 per gig plus extras. Just to get one sale a week at that price would be a good / descent paycheck.

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