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Resolution center false stating time of last heard from seller


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In one of my purchases, the seller has disappeared and is not responding to an inquiry I sent and I have sent a second notice to the seller. After that, when I go to the resolution center tab, the text there state “It’s been about 4 hours since you heard from the seller.” which is not. It is the time from the last message I have sent to the seller.

The stated time on the resolution center should be the time from the last message received from the seller. Not the time from my last unanswered message to the seller.

Thank you.

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same case:

the seller didn’t do the job
in the RESOLUTION TAB, I should waiting for 3 hr, for get option to cancel, but until 5 minute less, the waiting times change to 35 minute again… and every time I click the resolution tab, the waiting time has been changed again , and this continues

how… and when i can cancel my order?

I need my money back and find another good seller

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