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1st week on Fiver and a Level 2 seller STOLE my Gig (+ another copycat!)


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I can’t believe this! After being one week on Fiverr my gig has already been stolen, not one time, but two times! And one of them is a Level 2 User! They copied the title, the text of the gig, and some of the images and my Video.

I believe I offer a pretty unique and very convenient Gig for the community of Fiverr, I will make an original high quality TimeLapse video anywhere in Tuscany, Italy (and even Europe) seeing my work ripped off by these thieves, who didn’t even make any effort to change at least the description is saddening.

Proof, this is my original Gig: https://www.fiverr.com/instantvideo/timelapse-any-place-in-tuscany-or-italy-or-europe

This is the copycat’s version from a Level 2 seller: https://www.fiverr.com/chader_maye/timelapse-any-place-in-tuscany-italy-or-europe

And this is another seller plagiarizing my work: https://www.fiverr.com/keiko_claypo/timelapse-any-place-in-tuscany-italy-or-europe

This is… I can’t even describe how deceitful this feels, I have been on Fiverr for one week, I haven’t sold any Gig yet, and here there are thieves who blatantly copy everything (all the photos and videos are my work, I’m a professional cinematographer).

This is a very specific service geographically (as the title implies), I live in Tuscany, they aren’t even based anywhere near Europe, they are from the USA so they couldn’t even claim with some reason the service I’m offering.

Also, these copycats are undermining the credibility of my Gig in the search results, a buyer will look at a Level 2 seller and at me and he might make the mistake of thinking I’m the one copying the gig (although they don’t have my video… yet…). The level 2 copycat’s gig is ranking higher in the search result than my original Gig.

What a great start in Fiverr 😦

PS: I attached a screenshot (with a disclaimer in red) of the gig stolen from me by the Level 2 seller, in case she would decide to deny it

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Guest hammi2010

When they stole all my pictures and descriptions, I hoped the person would get banned. Every gig she had was stolen from a different website. Sadly, all they take down is the gig they copied from you.

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I wonder how this seller (the Level 2 one) was going to pull off such a Gig if they do not live in Tuscany? LOL Glad you go it taken down, and I agree, obviously, they should not even be on this platform if they have to steal from others. I had a Gig stolen once as well, copied my Gig word for word! It was removed, but it just is annoying to think people cannot write their own copy and create a unique Gig of their own.


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I remember the first time someone copied my gig.

I used to sell facebook bot, and someone purchased it, and when i search for my rank later on fiverr, the person who purchased it had copied everythig, had a order, and had the gig higher in search results than me ! 😦

Fiverr really needs to stop this nonsense !

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