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How can i make my GIG FEATURED?


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I am Level 2 Seller, my INFOGRAPHIC GIG is going very nice, i have EXCELLENT RATING and AWESOME PORTFOLIO and my gigs appear in TOP 2 rows for HIGH RATING category, what should i do to make my gig FEATURED, kindly HELP!.

This is link to my gig, kindly review it… i will be waiting for your VALUABLE SUGGESTIONS…


Thanks in ADVANCE!

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Fixing your English grammar and having a gig video would increase your chances of getting featured. If you like, I can fix your grammar and produce you a voiceover for free.

All you’d need to do then is add the voiceover to the picture to create a video, and upload it.

If you’d like me to do everything (create the video too) then please send me a message on Fiverr (not the forum) and we can work something out.

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