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Here's Something No One Ever Notices on Fiverr - BUYER BEWARE!


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I was dropped and cancelled by 4 traffic sellers in one week. I wanted them to send traffic to an affiliate site that offers discount coupons FOR FREE on brand name items we all use everyday.

If any of the traffic was real why would they drop this?

If the traffic were real then EVERYONE on Fiverr and beyond would be buying it right?

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Guest lewwy78

Its a shame more buyers don’t wait for a while so they can give true feedback instead of useless info about delivery.

It is hard to choose the right gigs with no real feedback.

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I have your answer… or at least, my version of it. I don’t sell the type of traffic I think you’re looking for, but I do provide related services.

Anyhow. Here goes.

For me… I sell likes. Or rather… I promote a Facebook page or button until they get likes.

Now here’s the problem that you’re talking about.

On one hand I promote to sell Likes… but on the other hand a person can not buy a Fan.

I always say that: “You can buy a ‘like’ but you can’t buy a ‘Fan’”. The only way to get true fans (Or Traffic) is to do it the old fashioned way. Promote your wares!

Example. When someone asks if my ‘Likes’ are real I say yes. But don’t expect to get any new Fans from my service. (Sometimes it happens and real fans can be gained… just not often).

Here’s why.

I sell real Likes. No Bots.

But I use my personal network of peers that have agreed to Like pages and be paid to do so. Some paid with money, some paid with services… or both. But the reality is that most of the people I send over don’t even look at your page! That’s right! I’ll put it in quotes for easy referencing.

  • Even if it’s a real like they probably don’t even look at the page they are liking (Or visiting in this case *

    Think about it for a minute. The members in my personal network (That has taken years to build to a stable existence) like an average of 160 pages a week. Some a lot more. They don’t care what the page is. They like to earn and move onto the next one as soon as possible.

    So… for me… I provide safe, stable likes (Or traffic) that don’t drop and are real accounts. But they’re no good for conversion purposes because they don’t care about your page… they just want the money for liking the page.

    So I can offer a “Bot Free” service but aside from some perks in the Search/SEO area, and the fact real likes don’t drop… they’re not good for getting a “Real” bunch of fans.

    Make sense?

    I imagine traffic is good. If… You happen to find someone who really does provide real traffic… odds are they couldn’t promise you a conversion… or much of anything aside from a click to your site. So once you start asking about conversion… or this or that they back off.

    And that’s assuming you find someone who deals in real traffic. If it’s anything like the Social (Likes/Fan PAge) area… finding a dealer in real likes is hard.

    You just can’t buy real traffic. You need to earn it. Promote it. Sweat over your site. Facebook Ads, Google Ads… sure… but you’re not buying Fans from them, you still have to create a good Ad.

    So… That’s my version of your answer. The short of it is if you’re looking for real, genuine traffic that cares… that can be difficult. Like I say… You can ‘Buy’ a ‘Like’ but you can’t buy a ‘Fan’.

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I use a facebook script to add all my friends to a facebook group for about ten seconds !

Than, at the group settings I dissallow posts from guests, I use the script in my friends accounts too, and in a few minutes, you have a safe lifetime advertising method that never expires, and every post you make is sent to the homepage of tens of thousand people’s homepage with no effort !

How cool is that ??

PS: If you want the script purchase : https://www.fiverr.com/s/6x6chf

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