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I'm a new selling on fiverr, What i need to do to buyers know my gigs much more


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Hello Everyone

I’m a new selling on Fiverr. I design flat icon for mobile app, I have updated my gigs for a week ago but I have just got received total 36 views and have not any feedback or order from buyers.

And i have trouble When I searching my gig with keyword “ flat icon, icon app, IOS icon “ I can’t not found my gig

My gigs here : https://www.fiverr.com/s/6ybc4n

What I need to do to get buyers , positive feedback and everyone found my gig when searching ?

Thank you

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It would also help to be able to communicate with buyers. You’re a ‘Seller’, not a ‘Selling’.

Proper communication can be the difference between getting orders, and getting passed by because you can’t effectively communicate your offer where people can understand what they are reading/buying.

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