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What Do You Love About Fiverr


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I’ve been a seller on Fiverr here for about three months and I am having the time of my life. I wanted to share what it is that has made selling here such a good experience for me

Here’s what I am really loving about the site:

-Finding clients.

I’ve always had marketable skills, but never been able to find good clients to work with. I am an introvert and not a big fan of approaching people for stage whisper MONEY. I’ve done a lot of work for free in my life. Fiverr has been bringing people to me.

The key, for me, has been targeting my gigs to a niche audience, rather than a general audience. There are many people here with my skills, but I’m targeting a very specific clientele. I also hang out with those people on social media, and now rather than working for them for free, I can send them to my Fiverr page.

-Working to a Deadline

I love having a ticking clock that tells me when the next job is due. It motivates me like you would not believe. The combination of that and knowing that the client will be able to review me in a public place makes me want to work my hardest.

-The ability to choose what I am being paid

"But, Rach," you say. "You’re only allowed to work for five bucks."

Yes, but how much work I do for five bucks is totally up to me. My beta-reading gig, which is my most profitable, I have slowly scaled down in words (therefore up in price) as I have improved my rating over the course of working here. As I get overloaded with work, I charge more, because my gigs are valuable. If I ran out of work, I’d raise my deadlines and lower my price until interest peaked up again. I feel in control of my life. It feels great.

-The Clients Themselves

Working with my clients, after almost a hundred orders, I feel pleasantly surprised by how often people have thanked me for my work, complimented me, paid more than I asked, offered repeat business, and referred me to their friends. I feel like I have a little more faith in mankind after working with them. You can’t ask for more than that.

So what about you guys? What do you love about Fiverr?

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I love so many things about Fiverr!!! I can work from home or anywhere I happen to be.I have never had to advertise or promote - Fiverr sends me clients day and night, and for this I am deeply grateful. I have met so many amazing people - my beloved clients and hundreds of awesome Fiverr sellers and fellow psychics who have become such great friends! My goal this coming year is to earn enough to build a warm barn shelter for the abandoned animals. As some of you may know, I live in the country and often pets are dropped off when they are no longer wanted, it is very sad but I do my best to take them in, feed and neuter them, feed them and find forever homes whenever possible. So, I am hoping and praying for this barn to become a reality, so I can make sure all are safe and secure all winter long.

My clients are my life. They are from nearly every country on earth, from every walk of life, and each day I am fascinated and Blessed by them. They have become my friends, my family and it is my honor to serve them here. Fiverr is my only income, and I am very thankful to be here among such fine people.

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Guest mariemck

I’ve only been on Fiverr for about three weeks and I love it!

I love working with strangers! That may seem weird but I think it is so interesting to see what everyone has a need for. And also things that people are offering!

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well, i’m new on fiverr, i created my first gig after 6 days of being here.

what i love about fiverr is that i selled my first gig after only 3 hours… most of buyers here apperciate professionalism and good gigs and that what made me sell this fast.

i also love the movement and activity all arround the website too, you see people sell everywhere and everytime and this encourages you to keep on.

you didn’t ask about what i don’t love about fiverr… so i won’t tell you 😛

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