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This requirement was left blank. Problem in Orders i received


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Here is what I decided to send to those buyers who have to deal with this nonsense:

"Fiverr’s messaging platform is disfunctional, please resend information as I have not received the required info due to this Fiverr error. Sorry for their inconvenience.

Thank you.


There should be no reason why I try to sugarcoat it as many new buyers would think it was my fault in this instance.

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This is why I have been begging Fiverr for a “Deny” button so you can kindly deny their task/request with no penalty. Otherwise you have to BEG them to do a mutual cancellation. Horrible.

In my gig I request that people message me first, but do they? Nope, they just leave my requirements with something like “Yeah…” and it goes through. Then the task is for me creating 20 different characters for $5…but yet, it goes through and I have to beg them to cancel.

** btw, this would be a Toggle you can have on your gig, for Denying requests. I ‘get’ that Fiverr is meant to be fast and wham bam’ but for some of us the tasks take longer and would love to have this option.

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