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My multi-fiver composition... a thirty-fiverr


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I make no secret my addiction to fiverr. I have bought almost 200 gigs and when done right, there is no better value for the money. When done wrong… meh, it costs less than a beer. The best part is that I can apply my imagination outside my skill set.

So the vp of product at my company is Adam Breckler. I interact with him on a daily basis, but when I say his name in my head it sounds like “Breklah!” as vocal drop by some Jamaican dude. I really could not get this out of my head and the best way to remove something from your headspace is to make a real thing. Since I am no Jamaican dude, I found one on fiverr and asked him to do the following drop. $5.


In includes some inside jokes as well. The drop is actually from Andrew Blood, who I guess had a dancehall hit a while back. Why is he doing gigs on fiverr? I never ask that question.

So the drop sounded sweet, just as I pictured it. But I couldn’t stop there. Dubstepping stuff is also a running gag at Visual.ly and since I have no dubstepping skills, I found someone that did and ask them to create a tune using the above sample. I actually had two separate people remix it but chose the one below to move forward with. $10.


It was pretty good, but not perfect. Not enough use of the samples. So I found another dude, The Green Raver to remix the above track. $5.


A pretty dope remix for sure but it still needed something. Many of my favorite dubstep tracks had some female vocals. This needed one too. So I found another gal to drop some vocals. I had her write the melody and sing it, which was two gigs total. $10.


She killed it, especially since the melody she had to write was against a dubstep tune and she primarily does commercial jingles. So, I had all the pieces, time to send it back over to The Green Raver again for a final mix down. $5.


The final track is above, though I did make a few edits in audacity. So grand total, $35, which for a custom dubstep track with vocals is pretty ridiculous. It was the first time I had pieced together various fiverr gigs and it’s certainly something I will be doing again. I had toyed with the idea of producing a video with fiverr talent but at some point you just have to ship what you have. Anyways… I can’t say I solved my original problem since I’ve had the above tune in my head for weeks now.

I used the following gigs or fiverrs:





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@badorties I LOVE THIS. So creative. I’m champing at the bit to commission some work here on Fiverr. I do custom song gigs and I want to do a really creative, clever Fiverr intro video.

I was thinking just today that I might have to combine two or three gigs to get exactly what I want. In fact, if anyone has any suggestions, I am open to ideas.

Btw, I followed you on Soundcloud - great to see another Fiverrer there 🙂

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@badorties Great fun at taking Fiverr synthesis to a whole new level.

I’ve been teaming up with the amazing cartoon vocal actor chrishardy for my gigs. He does the character voices and I do the animation. I just delivered our first fully custom collaboration yesterday as well as a number of others that I use a pre-record of his voice. We also did three of the Fiverr Birthday videos as different characters.

I have another animation project I’ve hired around eight different Fiverr voice actors from all around the world to play the different roles. When you cut them all together it can be pretty amazing the performance you create.

I’m still looking for more awesome voice actors and visual artists to create new partnerships. If this sounds like you then hit me up and lets see what we can do together.

I feel there is an exponential potential when we Fiverrers start working together to deliver products and services that we could never create alone.

Good on ya Mate!

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

I did this for Valentines last year 🙂 getting a bunch of Fiverrs to work together is awesome. i may just do it again soon.

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Guest cust0mcr3ationz

ya the last version is awesome! i need to do a new jingle for my blog. anyone got suggestions.

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