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Advice me how to get first Gig order [ARCHIVED]


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Guest hammi2010

It looked like a good gig. The only thing I noticed is that your profile picture is a little bit of a low quality image and that may make people think twice about ordering.

The only thing other than that is put a bit more information into your gig description. I know it can be hard, but if you puff up your description it will help people think you’re willing to put a good amount of work into their order.

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First of all, know that the field you’re in is competitive.

There is a great deal of other gigs like yours. And the photoshoppers behind those gigs have an advantage over you. They have been around for quite some time and have sold very many gigs. They can back up their promise with a proven track record of success.

You must offer more to win the next sale.

For someone starting with no orders it’s not a bad idea, it’s actually a great idea to offer more for less. By the way, more for less is a marketing strategy. I learned about it from Philip Kotler’s books.

Now, you cannot ask less than $5 for your gig but you can indeed offer more for $5.

How about changing your gig’s title to I WILL REMOVE THE BACKGROUND FROM 10 IMAGES FOR $5?

Don’t worry prematurely that you will get hammered by too many orders. You will not. If you can’t handle too much work you can always pause your gig, finish your assignments and restart the gig for the next orders.

Don’t waste your time trying to come up with a better idea for your first order. Get to work on 10 images.

Your first order will get you in the game.

You will learn a great many new things about working on a gig.

You will hone your Photoshop skills.

You will start seeing more broadly. Things that you otherwise will never see.

Now, let’s look at the first impression your gig makes.

You made the title too complicated. Keep in mind that you are a beginner.

You focus on the time it takes to complete the work. 6 hours.

You claim to be a professional with 3 years of working experience.

I bet a buyer will understand the following:

The guy has been getting paid by a design studio for more than 3 years.

Let’s see, ah, 5 days a week times 52 times 3, that’s 780 days of work, at least one high quality image per day, that’s a portfolio with at least 780 images. He showed 2. Could have shown 3 and could have added 2 PDF files with more sample images up to 10MB each. He could even add a video to his gig showcasing dozens of images he worked on.

You have 2 gigs now. No record of any sale.

The gig description is short, shows signs of poor research and, with all due respect, is poorly written.

Do your due diligence. Research the field you’re in properly.

Look at what the Top Rated cosminmala is doing and, oh boy!, check out his Unique Selling Proposition - unlimited revisions! Can you beat that?

His first sample image shows evidence that he can remove a background with hair in the foreground.

And if that wasn’t enough he promises full satisfaction.

Read his URL. His URL will reveal to you what he used to offer in the title of his gig - 6 background removals. Now he is doing 5.

Maybe your gig description should read like this:

I will remove the background from 10 images for $5.

"Satisfaction Guaranteed. I repeat - Satisfaction Guaranteed.

If for whatever reason you don’t like what you get tell me and I will give you back your money before I even start my first revision. And I promise you that I will always comply with your request to revise my work and improve it again and again.

I will remove the background from 10 images.

I will add a white background and a transparent background to them.

I will deliver my work in JPEG and PNG format file.

I will even give you a PSD file!"

You can always change it later.

Your first sample image should show a very attractive blond model with hardly any clothes on and her hair blowing in all directions against a background that you removed. Before and After.

I hope that the above will help you get your first order.

Will you try it out?


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