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Order came through to use dropbox instead of fiver submission?


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Hi all,

I am newer here to Fiverr and just curious here if anyone had an order that requested that it be submitted outside of fiverr.com? In my case it is requested that I use drop box which I am familiar with.

Is this safe/normal for orders?

Does it impact reviews and such or ever go through to complaints for buy “never recieving it”?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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Has the buyer placed the order through the Fiverr? If not, there’s no guarantee that he will pay you.

If the buyer has placed the order, you have to deliver through the order page, via the Deliver button, otherwise it doesn’t count as delivered, and you won’t get paid.

Now, if you’re delivering via the Deliver button on the order page, and the buyer also wants you to send them the file through DropBox, that may be fine. But without delivering through the Fiverr system, it doesn’t count as if you delivered anything.

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His note to me after placing the order is as follows:

"Please dress Casual Or professional with Or Without spectacles.

Please Don’t Upload Your Video With Fiverr.and Upload Your Video With File Sharing Site, Like Dropbox, Mediafire Or Etc . . And Send Me A Download Link.

please check attached script What I Want.

(Don’t use White Background.)"

I don’t know if I should proceed or not… the script is decent but this is questionable.

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Oh, that. You can contact Customer Support if you’re uncertain, but this one should work fine. You can upload the video to DropBox and deliver the link through the Deliver button on the order page (or, even better, write the link in a document, and attach the document through the Deliver button, that way the Fiverr system won’t see it as an empty delivery). That way you have the proof that you have delivered the order.

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I create videos and Dropbox is absolutely an invaluable resource. Fiverr upload limits note 150MB, but that’s the total upload limit per order, the file limit is closer to 100MB which is problematic for larger file deliveries.

The thing is, you deliver just as you normally would, but you just don’t upload the video, rather include the DB link. You’ll get a warning notice like “You didn’t attach anything… are you sure?” but that’s it.

But there are other advantages for using DropBox as it relates to your portfolio. Some buyers might request a delivery outside of fiverr as they don’t want their item showing in your portfolio. This is often the case for buyers that use us as a resource to resell our products. And yes, they can omit their example from the portfolio, but many don’t know this.

I also use DB sometimes for the same portfolio reason too. Sometimes a buyer will ask me for a production that I don’t want visible on my portfolio. Most often, this is because they just need to me run lines against a green screen. And since it’s not a fully produced video, I don’t want it mucking up my portfolio.

Anyway, just another perspective 🙂


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