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1. Hire an artist that knows Photoshop to fix the levels in your food pictures. Your pizza should look like this.



2. Separate your paragraphs, no more than 5 lines for each, it will improve readability.


3. I would change this gig title: "I will write you a mouth watering food menu for $5"

To "I will write a savory food menu in X days for $5"

Or "I will create a delicious restaurant menu in X days for $5"


Fiverr doesn't allow hyphens (-) in gig titles so words like mouth-watering don't look good without a hyphen. It's also important to say the must using the least words.


By the way, do chefs write menus or create menus? Try searching both terms to see what appears. I think menu implies food.


4. Let's look at this gig: "I will write you recipes for $5"


Maybe mothers are searching for "gourmet food", so why not "I will create gourmet recipes for your dinner party for $5"


You can also do other gigs

"I will create a Thanksgiving menu for your family"

"I will give you my 10 most popular recipes" (once you're very popular, you can change the 10 to a 5)

"I will create a dinner menu for Valentines Day" (Fiverr doesn't allow apostrophes on gig titles)


A few more tips. Right now nobody's using the term: restaurateur. So if you can think of a gig that uses that term, you might make some money!


Example: "I will teach you how to be a restaurateur" or something better than that. And you could deliver a PDF full of wisdom about opening a restaurant, the restaurant business, or you can turn it into a consultation gig. Maybe try a gig with "restaurant business" in the title. Perhaps advice for future chefs-de-cuisine.


"Cuisine" is another term few people are using. I did a search and only found 9 recommended gigs, 2 with high rating. Huge opportunity for you. I didn't see anyone offering Cuban Cuisine, so you could do "I will give you 5 CUBAN cuisine recipes." Or you can do another category.


Best of luck to you!




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