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Gig description is useless?


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Good day to everyone.

couple days ago, got direct order from some client without message first.

and just recently another buyer who did that, he/she even order 2 for $5, and what he/she want 2 people characters with custom pose custom outfit custom tools.

I said it can’t be done for just $10, and my rate would …

and he/she said this"

"You should make that more clear its a website where things are 5 dollars each"

its my gig description not clear enough? I use big font and highlight at top of my gig description.

its really frustrating, even cancellation rate not affect to the gig anymore.

that’s why my discussion title says “Gig description is useless?”,

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Hello 🙂

I actually read your gig description right now, to be honest some parts seemed a bit unclear to me, it might be a good idea to write something like "for simple characters, it will be $5 to $10 for ONE character. Maybe the buyer thought if the design was simple enough, they can get 2 characters done for $5, not sure though.

If I was the buyer, I will message you for sure just in case, but the thing is, there will always be people who will NEVER read no matter what. You can use bold fonts, you can highlight it, even in the future if we had the option of making the fonts flash with bright colors with stars flying around it, some people will still never read. I have worked here long enough to realize that some people are just plain lazy or dumb. It’s something we just need to deal with!! 😛

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Hello apple…

The problem is that description for all gigs ends with “for 5$” and would be great if it was FROM 5$.

In my second gig i wrote after the “I will” this… “start to”. Some clients think that everithing can be done for 5$ !!

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