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I love Fiverr, but


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I love fiverr. I have met some great artists through fiverr. I just have a teeny bone to pick with some sellers: if you are not from the United States, and you cannot understand English or cannot speak English as your first language, please do not pass yourself off as being from the United States. I get very confused when a seller comes back with questions about a gig that do not make any sense as to the item.

For example, I requested a logo be made for a business profile. They sent me a standard, “I need more info. Please send business name and attach photos of ideas you have for design.” I gave the person control over whatever design they wanted to use. When I received my finished item, I noticed they had spelled the word wrong. I messaged back saying that they had spelled the word wrong (making sure I spelled it correctly in the first place,) and the response was, "dear sir please not be mad. i need you send photo of what u want design to be. please dont be mad ok? thank you sir."

If I had to guess, that would be straight out of a translation service online. I asked for a spelling correction. If you give us a bit of head’s up that English is your second language, it would help out immensely. We could tailor our requests to be more translator-friendly or something. But please don’t lie and say you’re located in the United States (and don’t have multiple fiverr accounts for the same gig with different user names.)

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