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The orders simply stopped flowing in!


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I am still new on Fiverr so I don’t really know if this normal. Here’s what happened.

I created an account on Fiverr almost 3 months ago. I added my first Gig last month and orders started flowing in. It was pretty amazing. I become a Level 1 Seller in less than a fortnight and completed about 70% of the next benchmark.

But suddenly, as soon as I was given the Level 1 badge, the orders stopped. Totally. Even the views on the ‘My Gigs’ page fell drastically. Earlier, buyers used to leave queries in my Inbox almost daily. Now, I check in everyday, and the inbox is stark empty.

I really don’t know what is happening. Is there a particular cycle which operates on Fiverr so that everyone gets a fair chance at selling their Gigs?

If someone could alleviate my question, it would help me a lot. I keep thinking that I did something wrong and that was the reason why the orders dried up.

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Hello, I have the same problem as you, I was getting nice amount of orders but suddenly I start getting NO orders at all, from 4-6 orders a day to 0! I waited two days then I contacted Customer Support, And they said that my gig get removed from the search, So maybe you have similar problem, Just contact customer support.

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