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Which social media gigs does fiverr allow?


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It’s a tough area to place.

Even though they have a dedicated area on the main site for Fan pages you need to be very careful on what you offer.

And even if you don’t actually break the rules you need to be very careful on how you present.

I’ve lost one gig. Last year I lost my first gig with over 6000 positive reviews. (And no negatives).

I never got any more than a canned, blanket reason.

I offer likes. The unofficial reason I lost my first gig was because I had a " f " in my logo. Even though I made it, it was close enough to the real Facebook logo to be flagged.

To this day I still think it was reported by another seller. But… the point is that once the gig is gone the gig is gone. No getting it back.

In the wake of that tragedy I now constantly build up gigs a little, suspend them and start again. So I’ll never have to start from scratch again. But sooner or later…

Anyway. Even though there is a dedicated category for Fan pages and marketing here are some suggestions that apply yo " ALL " of the services you are asking.

( I’ll use “Likes” in my examples. )

  • Don’t offer to sell Likes. Offer to Promote pages until they get the Likes.

  • Don’t use any Graphics that look close enough to the real graphic that they could be mistaken for the real graphic.

  • Don’t… Actually. That’s all I’m going to write. I don’t want to give away all my secrets. LOL. But following just those 2 tips should help a lot.

    Oh… here’s one more free tip… a given. DON’T SELL BOTS OR FAKE Likes, +1’s or anything unless you say that’s what you are selling. Providing a crappy service will get your gig shut down Fast!
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