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Is not all about the money


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Hello dear mates 🙂

First of all so sorry about my poor english.

My name is Radu, I am 25 and I am from Europe/Romania. I work on Fiverr for 1 year. I quit my full time job 6 months ago and I still think is the best choice I ever did even I ended up some moths with less money they my last full time job. For the moment I work only on Fiverr and I wish to do that only here in future.

First time when I start working here, I started with video animations and I was so excited about that. I used to love what I did (and still I am) but my main passion is for graphic design even I did big money with video animations I prefer to do what I really love even for less money. The only reason I still keep the video animation gigs is the lack of orders on my graphic design gigs. Dont get me wrong, I prefer to do video animations instead working as full time but graphic designing is my trully love. I descover it few years ago and I love to do that more and more.

Is first time in my life when I really feel this is what can I do every day with passion even I work 16 hours/day. First time when I feel I can read hundred books about graphic design, watch hundred tutorials, courses, draw hundred of sketchs, .etc. I enjoy every project and every gig even if I make less money.

My only wish is to get orders and do what I really love. I am not complain about I dont get orders because I am sure my time will come 🙂

Thank You so much for reading,


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