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Fiverr search mystery


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I’ve had a few sales on Fiverr, but I recently did an overhaul of my gigs. Added several, worked to create some consistency, etc. I’ve had a good amount of views on many of the new gigs, although no sales. (It’s been a few weeks, maybe a month.)

My mystery is this. I’ve done extensive keyword experiments on the gigs, trying to get them to show up when I do gig searches here on Fiverr. But I never see them. At all. I have never seen a single one of my gigs in any search. Even when specific words only return two gig results, mine aren’t there.

SO… does Fiverr have an algorithm to prevent us from seeing our own listings?? Has anyone else noticed this? Figured it out? What method do you use to perfect your seo for your listings?

Sometimes I notice that no matter what I put in the search box, I’m seeing the same gigs over and over again and they’re not really relevant. What’s going on?

I’m stumped and kind of frustrated.

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Guest hammi2010

When I first started, I searched for the keyword in my first gig and found it about 10 down. After about 3 days, I was never able to find any of my gigs again. I’m not sure how it works, but I have seen my gig in a search before.

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