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Searching for a seller

Guest nancydesign

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Guest nancydesign

Is there a way of searching for a particular seller on Fiverr?

I’m sure so many of you (buyers) here on fiverr must be thinking on how to go about with this …

This post is basically for buyers who find it difficult to order from the previous seller they have.

if such occur just follow the following steps:

Remember the user name of your favorite seller and append it on the website’s name, for example, and that’s it, you now have access to the seller’s profile and all of his gigs, e.g

You can try using Google if you know the username. Use the site: operator in Google search.

For example:

site:fiverr.com username

or after every order is completed , make sure you favorite the gig so that you can always find it in your favorite

I hope this helps ?


Nancy Robert


Sheriff’s Note: Your username is already a hyperlink to your profile. You don’t want to post good information in a forum category and then add spam to it, so either leave additional links out or use the My Fiverr Gigs category to advertise.

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You don’t even need to bookmark or remember the name. You can see all your contacts through the “My Contacts” page on your Fiverr profile.
You can see your sellers and buyer over there.

You can then sort by amount spent, orders complete etc.

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Guest seobookmarkbest

Sometimes the account in the suspension because of a small mistake.

Bookmark bar on mozilla will help you to find them.

I hope this helps

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