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Better tracking for current and past sales / revenue


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Greetings Awesome Fiverr Community.

This is my fist discussion here on the forum. I first found fiverr.com when i was searching for something for myself and noticed a void that i could fill. So i said to myself, what could it hurt, lets start a gig and see if it works. Wow after 2 months i have now completed over 120 orders and still going strong. I have to admit i never thought i could actually make enough money on here to even tell my spouse but now all i do is brag about it to her and she is now interested in posting a gig herself.

That said i wanted to ask a question to the community and or make a suggestion.

I have worked my whole life for banks (from teller position to upper management) and like to keep a good track of whats what.

Maybe i don’t know from where but i cannot find an easy way to see how much i made say last week? or maybe last month? when you only have a few bucks in your revenue’s it might not matter but i think as my account gets bigger and bigger i would like to be able to keep track of my earnings precisely. Besides going down the line and adding them one by one can anyone tell me a different way i could do this?

Cheers to ALL

Vick S.

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Hit here Vick, great post!

Unfortunately, there is no way to easily search dates & revenue clearing.

Personally, I keep a spreadsheet, and update it daily based on amounts cleared. This helps me to track my progess and make sure I keep up my “minimum” earnings.

However, I really think Fiverr should add this kind of option. The only thing you can do, is go to your revenges page, and scroll through all of your orders there - but this is extremely time consuming, and still doesn’t give information about clearing dates (when it cleared), only a countdown - and these countdowns can fluctuate based upon what gigs you are doing, when they were marked as complete etc

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I’ve created a small script the sits on your browser as a button, when you click this button it scans your revenue details, breaks them down by type and month and then displays them to you in a pop-up table.

Please view the video on my gig to see exactly how the button works and purchase today! http://fiverr.com/katebascombe/provide-fiverr-revenue-monthly-breakdown-with-one-click - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/16104/fiverr-revenues-broken-down-by-month-with-the-click-of-a-button#sthash.EShg5ovS.dpuf

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