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Preview shot of your Video


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I made a quick video (I am not a video guy) 😉 and it’s up there but for some reason it seems to pic a random frame of my video to use as the preview image.

  1. How do I control which frame it chooses? I thought it would be the first or end frame but no such luck, with is weird.

  2. How do I not have the video show as the first thing in my portfolio? I think with illustration gigs clients dont really ‘want’ to see a video and they would rather see your work quickly first. So I am debating even having it up there.

    Heres the gig/vid:


    see, the frame showing as the preview image, is like 75% of the way through my video! Why did it choose that one?

    The portfolio area and controls (which there are none), really needs a lot of work…or more controls for the Seller. Or are there and I just dont see them?
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We had this problem when we were featured on the start page. We tried to change it like crazy but nothing worked. (there was a delay we learned after) What you do is choose edit your gig, edit your video, and then there is the option to “set frame as preview”. How ever, it takes up to a day or two for the image to update. See shameless self promoting picture of the thing you are looking for 😉


Elvis & Team

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