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Gig Denied without a proper reason


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I am quite upset by this,

Yesterday I posted a new gig, and today I worked on a nice introduction video.

Minutes after the video upload I received the message: Gig denied bacause of wrong category/subcategory.

In my opinion this is not true and other simmilar gigs, even from top rated sellers use the same category/subcategory for selling a simmilar service.

It’s quite frustrating because I worked a whole day on editing my gig and now the only thing i can do with it is delete it!!!

I already contacted customer support for clarification, just curious what they say about this

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Hi Jan

Sorry to hear that. Getting a gig denied after working on it to make it nice must be frustrating. I assume the reason is that Fiverr is not so fond of ‘get trafiic’ gigs. Was it maybe similar to those? But I see you have already a few other gigs activated where you can focus so I think that having only one gig denied is not so terrible after all.

all the best with sales 🙂



P.S. If you allow a small advice, I think it would be better if you wrote ‘Photoshop’ in your profile information (instead of ‘Photshop’).

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