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Unless you create a Satisfaction Guaranteed Or Your Money Back policy, you’re gonna get more bad reviews. I’ve gotten 13 bad reviews (out of 1,100+ orders), so even with that policy you get them occasionally. However, when you’re a level 1, bad reviews hurt you more percentage wise.

What does concern me is the way you reply to bad reviews:

ladyease about 2 months ago

Unacceptable Experience

seller’s feedback:


randyw about 2 months ago

worst seller on fiverr. He doesn’t care about his customers at all. Consider yourself warned with this guy!

seller’s feedback:

Thanks it was nice working with you

Why are you replying like this? Why are you giving them 5 stars? They gave you 1 star. You should delete those replies immediately. My opinion.

Good luck on your Fiverr journey.

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Reply to @cre8iveartwork: Actually, the way the system is set up now (which is kind of strange) the only way to affect the buyer is to rate them no lower than 3 stars but to write in a comment that explains why you would not recommend working with them. If the feedback is 3-5 stars it will show up on the buyer profile page. Unfortunately, if you rate them an actual negative 1-2 stars those are not displayed on their profiles for some reason. I think Fiverr implemented the new system just a short time ago.

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