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Order puts me at level one, but I need to "mutually cancel" it


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I got an order last night that puts me at Level 1. I immediately, went and updated my gig.

Then I looked at the order… oh boy…

After much conversation, I told the buyer (pre-sale) that I needed him to write a script for me to say (voice over stuff). Instead, he gives me a picture of a car and sends this script…

(see below)

Can you believe this? WOW!

So, will I lose my level 1 if I cancel this order?

"Basicly you are going to talk about the

Welcome to ####### ######### ######### [name omitted by me]

you are looking at year model and discripton.

2001 Audi S4 complete Front end and right side.

(for example) where ever is clean. that does not

have an accident. if the front is clean than you

are going to talk about the -headlights - Bumper

Hood - Engine - Transmission - Fenders - Grille.

if the back is clean you are going to talk about the

back side of the parts that is clean and nice looking

or if it has scratches you say little scratches here and there.


Audi 2001 for example. and

present the body parts.

Engine size. manual or automatic

  1. talk about the front side.

    what is good on the front.


    The vehicle still has really good


    nice left head light

    nice right head light

    very nice front Griele

    vehicle also has very nice front bumper

    perfect condition Hood

    Left side Fenders

    very good Rims

    also power view mirror.

    vehicle has 80 - 120 k miles (example)


    vehicle has very nice front leader interior or (vinal or cloth seats)

    Automatic transmission & Am Fm CAsset or Cd changer.

    Vehicle does have rear qurter panel

    vehicle does have very nice tail light as well as as nice trunk.

    also vehicle has nice rear bumper.

    the vehicle right side door is in a nice condition but has little scratches.

    and the passenger door has a very good power mirror.

    vihicle also has right side fender as well.

    You can also visit us on the web at __________________ [ommitted by me]"
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I decided to go the extra mile and show the buyer what I can do - and I didn’t have to cancel anything.

I took what he gave me and created a voice over, then I made a video with the pictures he sent.

I ended up helping him see the importance of him giving me details AND I am now getting a lot of future sales from the buyer.

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