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I m new in this indursty


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Guest jdadvertising

Hello there, I’ll keep this as short and sweet as possible.

(If i forget anything i’m sure someone would help out.)

Firstly if you intend to promote your gig;

  • The Gig Title: This should be simple, with enough information to target those who are in a rush/on deadline, or even those who would take the time to make sure they find the right seller. e.g " I will provide Quick and Beautiful CallCards"

  • The Gig Photo/Video & Personal Portfolio: You must ensure the gig photo is attractive but informative as to what you are willing to provide; [This is for those who see images before text], or even a short and visually inviting but clear cut video. Make sure you list all the things you intend to provide along with maybe some examples in this 1 min video.

    It has been proven video helps draw in a larger audience as well.

    With regard to the portfolio, put your top of the line work under the spotlight. The ones that would create the necessary client gravitational pull.

    -The Gig Description: For those buyers that actually take the time to go as far as this point, you need to use this space to set yourself apart! What are you willing to offer this buyer in the event that they are interested but need extra luring.

    How are your services different from Jack and Jane who both offer it as well?

    Who am I really interested in targeting mainly?

    The answering of these questions and any more that may come to mind, will assist you with writing up the award winning magnet of a description that draws in your sales.

    Also it never hurts to look at other gigs. Both in your field of sales and others. It gives you a general idea as to how to do what you need to do, while adding you special touch.

    -DO NOT COPY someone else’s description!! that is a BIG NO NO! But i know you’re exceptionally creative enough to hit your description out the park with just your brain power!-

    Hope this helps, and to you sir i wish you boundless successes on Fiverr!!

    Welcome to the community, and welcome to great earnings!

    All the best!


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Allow me to hop in, it says that you are from Sri Lanka, but your avatar photo shows a white guy. I am guessing that it is not you? (pardon me if it is actually you).

To a certain point the avatar image does have an impact on some buyers, I would advice you to

change your avatar image to something that it actually related to your gig, or your own photo if you feel comfortable with showing yourself. Creating your own logo might also be a good idea 🙂

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I have found that social media does some of the work for you if you want to promote. Not much though. At least for me. Although I have made even a facebook page for my Fiverr gigs long ago where I also promote my favorite gigs for free (most of those sellers I promote do not even know this page exists), I think that most of the sales I have made are because my gigs are often (luckily) in the first pages in Fiverr search. I suppose because I try to offer something unique and special on Fiverr (and exclusively on Fiverr) and as I put my heart in what I do, I get amazing reviews. So, I believe most of my clients have come through Fiverr search itself. I am really grateful to Fiverr community for that!

wish you all lots of sales 🙂


P.S. I think you should better post this question in “Tips for Sellers” and not “Tips for Buyers” as it is at this moment 🙂

You can also have a look at this thread from voiceoverwork in Fiverr forum:


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