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Be strategic and use these methods to help keep business flowing during the holidays


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We all know that our services are offered at a great valued price. However, for this time of the year and business season, you have to be strategic in your offerings. Before you ask where the buyers are, try the strategies first…

  1. Offer BOGO’s (Buy One Get One Free) - Or buy two get one, or buy an extra get an extra. We know $5 is cheap enough, but an order is an order and you never know who will spend $5 now, but come back and get $50 later…

  2. Message previous satisfied buyers about your special. It’s not spam if you have worked with them before and are just letting them know about a ‘holiday special’ you have going on. Especially repeat buyers, you can tell them it’s an exclusive offer for them.

  3. Get Social. If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…DO IT! Share your gigs and build your network. Use this time to do so, it will pay dividends down the road. It’s literally just clicking with your fingers and you will meet your future clients on many of those platforms.

  4. UPDATE YOUR DESCRIPTIONS!! (I’m guilty of this on my less popular gigs) I see sooo many sellers with a vague and/or short descriptions, at all levels. Use all of your characters and features in the text toolbox including highlights, bolds, etc. Some buyers won’t understand what you are offering if there isn’t enough detail. Remember, this is a GLOBAL Marketplace, many languages and cultures, the more words, the more understanding.

    Add more if you’d like, just some suggestions and advice, take it…or leave it, it’s up to you… 🙂


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