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Anyone missing Orders in Queue?


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How long has it been since the Orders in Queue have been removed?

I used to consult this stat to see which gigs are raking up the buys, what’s in and hot, who’s doing things right etc. I get gig ideas this way too. There’s been a discussion somewhere with the consensus being the orders in queue somehow serves as a social proof of the gig’s quality and this helps to convince buyers to click that “Order Now” button.

Now that it’s gone (will it be back?), it’s a bit harder to gauge the “hotness” of a gig. I realize though that there might be some tests going on with this.

For 2 very similar gigs, in quality , turnaround, rating and everything else EXCEPT the number of orders in queue, I think buyers would be more likely to buy the gig with more order in queue than the other (I’ve seen gigs before with really long queue’s but buyers keep ordering them anyway).

Could removal of this stat distribute buys more evenly in the marketplace?

If so, would that be a not so good news for the previously smoking hot gigs?

Why do you think this metric has been hidden?

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