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Your Fiverr story ! How did you find aout about Fiverr?


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Guest jdadvertising

Hey, name is Daniel and im apart of the JD Advertising and Marketing Duo.

I was working many temporary Graphic/marketing jobs and got tired of making other people’s dreams come true but simply fantasizing upon mine.

So i started my page on facebook with hopes of receiving feedback…it was basically little to none.

However for 2 weeks i would see the fiverr ad coming up on my homefeed and wouldnt understand why. I basically ignored it, until late one night i decided to try it.

What did i have to lose? i was broke and depressed but ever so willing to show my skill and develop it into the reason for my cashflow.

So i signed up, it took some time before i got off my feet, but after a week i got my first gig! I was super happy and from there i have come back clients, even a few bad ones in between but i’m always learning and growing!

Just happy i took the time to sign up! 🙂

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