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What I found is the secret to success on Fiverr


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Okay guys, this is not one of those moments when you click on a promising and amazing title, only to find a link to an ebook or a monetized Youtube video 🙂 .

There is a lot of advise on Fiverr about how to be successful here, I found out what matters most and summed it below .

Do what you love and are really good at and you are certain you can deliver within the time period. Doing complex stuff that you have not much experience will get you stressed for no reason. Do stuff that you would do and feel like there is no effort involved. Just keep in mind that out of the 5 bucks only about over 3.5 (can’t remember for sure) will finally end up in your account after transactions. You certainly do not want to feel like you are offering too much for too little.

Remember that and remind me when I forget 🙂

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