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Buyer did not deliver files or communicate


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Hello all, newbie here.

I had a gig purchased and the buyer messaged me asking if she could deliver via personal email because it was too many files. I responded with precise instructions on how to upload multiple files the easiest way so we could respect Fiverr’s terms of service. No answer. A few hours later I explained I needed it as soon as possible to deliver on time and if she had any questions about the instructions I had sent her. No answer. Now finished dealing with a personal issue and got an email that my delivery is late and the buyer could cancel at any moment.

  1. Do I “mutually cancel it”? Will this show on my profile?
  2. Do I deliver a typed out note explaining I would be happy to deliver the gig completed once she delivers the necessary files? Will this show a late order on my profile?
  3. Do I contact customer support?

    What do I do to maintain a non-negative profile as I start up on Fiverr?

    Thanks so much for your advice and time!
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I usually go by number 1: because some jobs cannot be done (in my case), so if I deliver the order and after I cant work with customer request, I could have some bad reviews.

So for my gigs, thinking in the future, I prefer canceling and sending them a message that they could contact me later, when they are able to send me the necessary files.

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A TRS here on Fiverr suggested this (for mainly bigger orders, but could work for you)

Deliver the order and say you have $x.xx credit with me. When they finally open the order, they will see that and contact you. I have had tons of “ghost” buyers, and when you do this, they come back in less than a month.

Good Luck!


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