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How do we deal with a bad review?

Guest jdadvertising

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Guest jdadvertising

I have had a few in the past few days; due to many things:

  • Lack of or miscommunication
  • Technical difficulties
  • Lack of timeliness/impatience

    and other little things.

    However, even though i know i tried my utmost to leave them satisfied, they would take something and blow it out of proportion leaving me a horrible review. My overall rating went from 98% to 93%…

    This was highly disheartening, however i didn’t use it as a reason to reciprocate with an equally bad review.

    I took it, learnt from it and changed how i would deal with buyers who still took the time to work with me.
  • Reminding them to check up on the order within 2-3 days, as after 3 days it closes automatically.
  • Confirming thoroughly what they asked before beginning any project.
  • Addressing impatience with my immediate attention and delivery reassurance (ETAs)

    Having been in customer service for some time, these are some things you learn, but can still be hard to practice especially when a buyer just wont give you a break.

    With that said, how do you you in yourself deal with an unfairly given review?
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