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Attention - Account Warning AND Fiverr Contact


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First of all I wanted to start with how do I contact Fiverr? Is this a proper way?! Well I couldn’t find any way!

Secondly, I received this warning:


Hey, to keep our community safe, we ask that users don’t exchange personal contact info. By the way, it’s also not permitted by our Terms of Service.

Please note that such warning may affect your eligibility for Levels and other features, as well as your account status.

OK I don’t understand why this is raised but I know that you know more for setting this rule. However, how am I suppose to buy a gig from someone that offers me s***e coaching without getting personal contact info?

Please come back to me.



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It looks like @madmoo filled you in on how to contact Fiverr, but as for your “mystery message”, it’s probably for something you wrote in an order. Whenever you’re working on an order, typing in the box, if you do something that blatantly disregards Fiverr’s TOS, it flags it and tells you your limitations.

Example: “Terms of Service reminder: You may not communicate with users directly or provide your email, s***e or phone number.” …this message pops up anytime it recognizes the @ symbol, whether you’re using it in an email or not.

My guess is that you asked the buyer for something you’re not allowed to, like taking the order off Fiverr’s site, asking for money through Paypal, or asking for emails. Good luck figuring it out! 🙂

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Ok, i don’t see any means of contacting fiverr either. How is it i can create a two gigs one day, and the next day i create a gig and the gig reads “unapproved”? Why would it be unapproved. I simply requested an animated gif file be created…

Unapproved? Wth…

Also, had someone on here insult me for no know reason, out the blue. How do i report that person?

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