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Look for electronics engineer Please I want to study a new project entirely, but so was doing this project and I will give you an idea of the project :::

This is the idea:

Posters innovation turning heat into energy

Shipping is still the problem of battery electronic devices haunt pal a lot of users and professionals alike, and each time show new innovations in order to solve this problem, a new innovation presented by a group of researchers, students in this area and it comes with posters turned into heat energy.

The new innovation is the adhesive tape carries the name “Piece Battery” and be linked to various electronic devices (laptops, Tablet PCs, smart phones …) and absorbs the heat produced by these devices through its work, which is then stored and through the thermal material the built-in structure of this tape to transfer the stored heat into electrical energy is then used to charge different devices via wireless charging.

The new innovation, the fruit of a group of researchers, students in the State of China’s research and is not ready as a project is still in the process of experimentation and development.

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