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Hey everyone. I am not here to tell you what to do but I would like to prick you conscience a little.

I got offered a job to write a review for a site on Fragglesrock just now. I then checked the site out online and found that independent reporters researched Fragglesrock and found numerous cases of people being completely ripped off by websites. Basically, the sites are ripping people off and even allowing them to post honest reviews about it. But then paying for tons of good reviews to drown out the truth.

If a company asks for a review. Do everyone a favor and at least take a moment to check out a site if they are paying you for a review. You never know, your review could end up helping to fool someone you care about into being ripped off.

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Guest itsyourthing
phronesis31 said: You never know, your review could end up helping to fool someone you care about into being ripped off.
It shouldnt matter if the 'victim' is someone the seller personally knows. It's not right to swindle people just because they aren't a loved one.


I like that you're presenting a moral obligation for sellers to consider, but there has rarely been a more pointless forum post. The people who try to operate in an ethical way already have a conscience; the folks just out to make a buck doing whatever they can, wont have a change of heart - they've already made their decision about personal conduct. Then there's the issue of return on investment. Folks selling gigs for $5 aren't generally going to be willing to spend time investigating whether an order is for the betterment of humanity.


If only buyers and sellers who adhered to a moral code used Fiverr, this place would have sunk before it even launched. Just look at the sales of sellers who offer "genuine reviews" - the ones who at least make a point of saying you'll get their honest opinion, versus the sellers who promise good reviews.


Considering that most sites that host reviews have rules forbidding purchasing reviews, it's a safe bet that almost every review sold here (or elsewhere) is ethically tainted from the get-go. Sellers who care about doing the 'right thing' aren't going to offer a gig that by standard Terms of Service would only have a tiny, legitimate market anyway.



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