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Old Here?

Guest jessicajons

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Are the gig descriptions your own original one?

Just by reading through it I notice some parts, like "please check my samples and feed backs"

when you have none to show, and there are no feed backs to read.

That itself is at least enough for me to not trust you ( I’m sorry if I’m sounding harsh here)

but I suggest you to edit your gig description and add more samples if you have any.

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OK, now I really need to get more nasty and straightforward.

Did you read what I said, in the message above??

I saw your new logo gig, I saw a name that was not yours, clearly

you are copy/pasting another person’s gig description.

Trust me, when you copy a gig or a gig description, in many cases people will find out.

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Reply to @jessicajons:

It’s too bad you are feeling that you are being blamed.

I thought you wanted guidance, that’s what I tried giving you, and I thought giving you an honest one will help, and I get the feeling from the question mark icon you used that you do not realize why I pointed the copy/paste out, why that is a mistake and will not help you, and that you feel like I am picking on you.

True, I ( or any other person) am not allowed to blame others for no reason, but do allow me to point something out, you are not allowed to copy other people’s description and

use it as your own. I’m not sure how you will take this, but if you seriously are wanting

to get more sales in the future, I hope you at least think about why I brought this up.

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